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September 2015 Newsletter
(281) Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome back

A warm welcome to all of our new junior infants and welcome back to all students, parents and staff. The school tempo is speeding up and there are already a lot of activities taking place. It’s going to be a momentous year!


Collection Time

Collection time is a very busy time, especially for our new junior infants. Parents can make this time safer and easier for teachers if they stand back from the student line and wait for the teacher to dismiss each child one by one. This way the class teacher knows that every child has been collected. On wet days teachers will dismiss children from the hall. We know that this can take time but we appreciate your patience and cooperation.


Healthy Lunches/Allergies

We encourage the children to have a healthy lunch every day. The children may drink water at all times during the day but please ensure that the bottle has a sports cap on it to avoid spillages. As we have a number of children in the school with nut allergies, we ask parents to avoid providing nuts for lunches. So that we are aware of what your child is eating in school, we encourage children to put all rubbish and uneaten food back into their lunchboxes. Please ensure that your children have lunchboxes that they are able to open and close without assistance.


Meeting the class teacher

Parent Meet and Greets will commence this Monday 21st September and run until the 9thof October. Every class teacher will hold a meet and greet before school dismissal and your child will be notified by letter in advance of the meeting. This will be a fantastic opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and find out about the teaching and learning methodologies which will be used for the coming academic year. There will also be a small presentation given by the Parents Association and the GAM team at each meeting. Pupil Information Database sheets will be available at all meetings for parents to fill out. It is vital that we have current and up to date records for each child to keep your child safe. We urge all parents to try to attend these important meetings.


Dublin Team Support Day

To celebrate Dublin’s participation in the All-Ireland Football Final on Sunday 20th September we are asking all the children to wear blue and navy to school on Friday 18th September. We would also ask that each child brings in €1 on Friday for this non uniform day. The money raised will be used to buy important resources for the school.



Larry Mc Dermott is back coaching GAA in the school. He will start with the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes every Tuesday this term.

Our 5th and 6th class girls GAA team is being coached again this year by Ms. Brennan, Ms. Barrett and Ms. Reynolds. The team are participating in the Cumann na mBunscol league. The girls have already won their first game against St. Benedict’s of Ongar and have another two games to play. Training takes place every Monday at 2:40pm until 3:30pm and matches are every Wednesday after school.

Our 5th and 6th class boys GAA team is being coached again this year by Mr. Lynch and Mr. Mc Keown. The boys team are participating in the Cumann na mBunscol and Dublin 15 leagues. Training takes place every Monday at 2:40pm until 3:30pm and matches are every Tuesday and Thursday after school.


A big thank you to our team of GAA coaches/teachers. They give up so much time voluntarily and inject huge energy into the sporting life of the school. Please support them in their efforts.


Parents Association

The parents association organise a number of events for both children and parents throughout the school year. They give their time voluntarily and are of tremendous benefit to everyone in the school. They organise events at special occasions throughout the year for the children, such as Halloween and Christmas, and training courses for the parents. Please support the parents association by giving your time if you can spare some! We would really appreciate your help. Contact details can be obtained in the school office.



We encourage good attendance at all times and we request that, if your child is absent from school, you send a note to the class teacher. If any child is absent for 20 days or more during the school year, we are obliged to report the details to the National Education Welfare Board.


Late Arrival

We are currently monitoring children who are arriving late for school on a regular basis. Students who arrive late will receive a late stamp in their journal. Please ensure your child gets to school on time every day.


Signing Out

If you need to collect your child before dismissal time we ask you to come to the office and sign them out. This ensures we have a record of children leaving school early.


Lost Property

In order to reduce the amount of items that get lost we ask that you clearly label your child’s jumper, coat, hat, scarf, gloves and any other items they may have with them.


Cycle to School

If your child is cycling to school please ensure that they bring their own lock so that they can lock the bicycle to the bicycle rail. Unlocked bicycles have been stolen recently and we want to prevent theft occurring again.


Car Park

Please accept direction from caretaking staff at the roundabout close to the school as safety is always our main priority.


Emergency Contact Details

If you have changed your telephone number or moved house please remember to let us know as it is vital that we have emergency contact details for all children. Also, if you are not receiving text messages, please contact Kate, our secretary, to rectify this.


Dates for your diary

Friday 18th September – A Day for the Dubs

Monday 26th – Friday 30th October – Midterm break


Kind regards


Vivienne Bourke


Hallow'een Safety
(280) Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dear Parents,


Community Gardai will address children from 3rd to 6th class, tomorrow,concering safety at Hallow'een safety and other safety issues.

Mr Neary

Stranger Danger
(278) Monday, October 20, 2015

Please discuss the following with your child.

  • That a stranger is anyone they don't know

  • That most strangers are nice people

  • Never to go anywhere with a stranger or take anything from a stranger.

Discuss with your child the meaning of the word 'stranger'. It's important to stress that most strangers are nice people and that we sometimes rely on strangers in times of trouble but that, at the same time, there are rules children should always use with strangers.

Ask your child what he or she would do in different situations with strangers, such as if a stranger asks your child for directions or offers your child a lift. Stress that it's not rude to refuse to talk to strangers if your child feels unsafe. Discuss with your child the general rules: say 'No' - get away and tell.

Three entrepreneurs in Saint Luke's NS !
(277) Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Please click link below to see pictutes of 3 children from Ms Kilcommins' class who ran a fundraiser to donate money to The Parents Association for The Hallow'een Room.Congratulations to Freya, Martyna & Carla.

Media reports
(276) Thursday, October 8, 2015

Contrary to some media report interpretation, our school building is not listed as one that may have Fire Standard Isues. 

1916 Commemoration Saint Luke's National School Flag Presentation
(275) Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Please click link to view photos of 1916 Flag Presentation

New Principal Appointed !
(274) Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dear Parents,


Sadly,  Mr Martin Kavanagh has retired from the position of Principal effective 31/8/2015.We wish him every good fortune in the next chapter of his life and thank him most profoundly for all his hard work with us since October 2009.


We are delighted to announce that a current member of staff, Ms Vivienne Bourke, has been invited by the Board of Management to take over as Principal of Saint Lukes NS on 1/9/2015.We wish her all the best in her new position. 


(273) Friday, June 26, 2015

Additional Uniform

Fitting & Sale Date


Monday 29th  June 2015


 1.30pm - 3.30pm


Venue – School Gym


The “Schoolwearhouse” are the official suppliers of the school uniform

Flash Mob Dance Multicultural Day Saint Lukes NS 2015
(272) Thursday, June 18, 2015

Please see us dancing a flash mob dance during Multicultural day 2015 !


Mr Neary

Senior Basketball Team pics.
(271) Thursday, June 18, 2015


Please see pictures of our Senior Basketball Team at the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght. Many thanks to the teachers involved in ther initiative.


Mr Neary

School Garden
(270) Thursday, June 18, 2015

We are delighted to announce the start of the school garden project at the front of the school ! Please be patient as the bike shed is out of bounds for the moment!


Mr Neary

Morton Stadium updated pics!
(269) Thursday, June 18, 2015

Please see updated pics of Morton Stadium at

Student Wordpress
(268) Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dear Parent,


Please see link below to follow a blog written by some of our students! Many thanks to Ms Whitney who organised the venture !


Mr Neary

Some recent photos of events in the school
(267) Friday, May 29, 2015 Communion pics! Our Garden ! Morton Stadium Confirmation pics ! Multicultural Day Saint Luke's NS May 2015

School Holiday May-June
(266) Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dear Parents,


A quick reminder that the school will close for a school holiday tomorrow Friday 29/5/2015 and reopen on Monday 8/6/2015 at 0900.

Dylan Finglas Fundraiser
(265) Thursday, May 14, 2015

The school has decided to support a fundraiser for Dylan Finglas, a child who lives in Tyrrelstown. The child's father, Alan, will address the children at assemblies on friday morning.please see link to video below.

Junior infants 2015-2016
(264) Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Junior Infant Application & Registration



Dear Parents and Guardians,


Applications for Junior Infants classes are in process for the academic year 2015-2016. This application process is for pupils who will commence in Junior Infants in September 2015.


We request that all parents with children who have not applied for an application form to enrol in St Luke’s N.S. and who wish to be considered for a place in the school would do so immediately. Application does not guarantee a place. Early application is advisable.


Please contact the school secretary, 01 8856015, and complete the Pupil Application and Registration Form as soon as possible.


It is urgent that the Application and Registration form be completed at the latest by Friday 29th May 2015.




Is Mise Le Meas,



Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh



Principal's notes May 2015
(262) Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Principal Notes for May 2015-05-05

Scoil Naomh Lucáis


Notes From the Principal


5th  May 2015


Dear Parents,


First Holy Communion 2015

The ceremony of First Holy Communion takes place for the children receiving the Sacrament on Saturday 16th May 2015 @ 11.00a.m. in St Luke The Evangelist Church, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15. School photographs will take place on Tuesday 19th May and the children will have a school celebration with all children in Second Class.


Multicultural Day – 7th May 2015

There will be a short parade on the day at 1.30pm, involving the Junior and Senior Infants, which parents are welcome to attend. Infants will be dismissed just after this small parade. Parents are welcome to come to the back yard where children from first - sixth will perform a dance for the parents. A Big Thank You to Mrs Connolly and her team for organising this event. There is a contribution of €5 per family for this event.


Health and Safety – Hygiene ( Pupil hand Towels)

Hand washing is a preventative measure against illness and virus. Each class has a protocol for hand washing. Please encourage your children to wash their hands effectively. Each child must have a hand towel in school and this towel must be changed regularly. Thank You.


Trócaire Box

Please return the Trócaire Boxes to the class teacher by Wednesday 6th May 2015. The effort of the pupils and families on behalf of Trócaire has been fantastic. Recently Trócaire announced that €100,000 has been donated to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal – a most worthy cause. Congratulations to all involved with the Trócaire Box Collection todate and please return the outstanding boxes as soon as possible.


Pupil Contribution to School costs

(Art Craft, Photocopying, Book rental etc – see booklist 2014 - 2015 )

Many thanks to all the parents who have forwarded this money since September 2014 – the Department of Education is not in a position to fund many necessary activities in any state sanctioned school due to cut backs in capitation grants etc. Please forward any outstanding monies to the class teacher as soon as possible to allow the school to continue funding these fundamental activities in the school for your children.


National Referendum – Friday 22nd May 2015 – School Closed on this day

Fingal County Council has requisitioned the school for the Referendum on Friday 22nd May 2015.On the basis of Health and Safety Fingal County Council has requested that the school be closed on this day.


Health and Safety in the School yard

Many thanks to everyone who has supported the request that Dogs, Bicycles and scooters etc remain outside the school yard. There are still some bicycles and scooters etc being brought into the yard.  All wheeled items must remain outside the main school gate.Prams &  walking aids are accepted.


Pupil Online Data base Form – Department of Education and Skills

There are still some outstanding Pupil Online Data Base Forms - Please return your Pupil Online Data base Form to the class teacher by Monday 11th May at the latest – if not already returned.


School Class Tours

School Class Tours will take place in the months of May & June. Class teachers will keep parents informed of the event, date, cost and times.


School Garden

A school garden is being developed at the back of the school. The children will have an opportunity to participate in this ongoing project. Many thanks to Ms Brown who initiated the project and her team who are bringing it to fruition.


School Uniform Fitting – Friday 12th June from 1.30p.m. to 3.30p.m. in the Gym

This is a School Uniform Fitting session for all children from Junior Infants to Fifth Class.



Is Mise Le Meas,


Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh



Notes From the Principal 20th April 2015
(261) Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Notes From the Principal 20th April 2015


Dear Parents, Confirmation 2015 Confirmation takes place for the children receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday 25th April 2015 @ 11.00a.m. in St Patrick’s Church, Corduff, Dublin 15. School photographs will take place next week and the children will have a school celebration of the event with all children in Sixth Class.


Health and Safety - Hygiene A number of children have reported to the school with viruses. Hand washing is a preventative measure against a virus. Each class has a protocol for hand washing. Please encourage your children to wash their hands effectively. Each child must have a hand towel in school and this towel must be changed regularly. Thank You.


Trócaire Box Please return the Trócaire Boxes to the class teacher ASAP. To date we have over €500 collected. This money has been collected through the Bake Sale arranged by Ms Brennan’s Class and a Bead Sale arranged by two children Conor Rooney and Daniel Roban in Ms Mc Namara’s Class.


Congratulations to all involved First Holy Communion Preparation Mass The second preparatory Mass for First Holy Communicants takes place in St Luke The Evangelist Church @ 6.30p.m. on Saturday 25th April. The children making First Holy Communion will be the primary focus of the celebration of the Mass. We invite all families with children making First Holy Communion to attend and participate. Mass in St Luke’s N.S. – Sunday @ 11.00a.m. Mass was celebrated in St Luke’s N.S. during the Easter season. There was a regular attendance. Mass will continue in St Luke N.S. @ 11.00a.m. every Sunday between now and the Summer.


Health and Safety in the School yard Please note that Dogs, Bicycles and scooters etc cause a Health and Safety risk in the school yard. Dogs, Bicycles and scooters must remain outside the main school gate. Bicycle Shed outside the school The Bicycle Shed outside the school gate is in a commonage area. The school does not own the shed. However there is access for all bicycles, scooters etc from the school in the shed. As the weather improves and as there are more bicycles, scooters etc in the shed I would advise that all bicycles are securely locked when left unattended.


Pupil Online Data base Form – Department of Education and Skills Please return your Pupil Online Data base Form to the class teacher by Monday 27th April at the latest – if not already returned.


Is Mise Le Meas, _____________________ Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh Príomhoide

Cake Sale in aid of Trocaire
(260) Thursday, March 26, 2015

Many thanks to Ms Brennan & her class for organising a cake sale in aid of trocaire. Well done all, a fabulous response to the appeal!


Please see link to pics below !

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