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Turning Circle!
(25) Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Kavanagh secured funds to have the grass fire-tender tarmaced which will add to play-space options for the children. The job was completed during the mid-term break.


Liam Neary

(Deputy Principal)

New Trees in Saint Luke's !
(20) Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unfortunately, we had to remove 2 beautiful ash trees , last week, from the school grounds as they might have presented a danger to the children in high winds. The school site is in a very exposed location. We have purchased 8 fruit trees to make up for this sad event. We will plant these trees this week,all going well, with one tree per class grouping planned.


Liam Neary

(Deputy Principal) 

Update ! Coin Collection International- Breaking News!
(19) Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In October 2012 we were delighted to support a Special Olympics fundraising initiative to collect old Irish coin and other foreign currencies no longer in circulation such as Francs, Lira, Pesetas, etc. Students were asked to bring in any old coin they might have at home that can no longer be used.


Coin Collection International then counted and valued the coins and converted them into a Euro value. Each school was issued with a coded bag to make sure that the amount collected in each school could be tracked. The amount raised was then divided on an agreed percentage basis between Special Olympics and the school.


The children from St Luke’s collected coins from no less than 34 different countries around the world:


Australia                       Bermuda                       Bulgaria                        Canada

Cyprus                          Czech Republic             Denmark                       England

Germany                       Hong Kong                    Hungary                        Iceland

Ireland                           Isle of Man                    Kenya                           Latvia

Lithuania                       Mauritius                       Nigeria                          Philippines

Poland                          Romania                       Russia                          Singapore

South Africa                  Spain                            Sweden             Switzerland

Thailand                        Turkey                          Ukraine                         United Arab Emirates

United States


In total €238.28 was raised by St Luke’s. Special Olympics Ireland received a donation from the school of €124.97 with the remainder of €113.31 being donated to back to the school.


Thanks to all the teachers and students for getting involved in this project. Special Olympics Ireland have expressed their appreciation to all of you. All funds donated to Special Olympics will help them continue to provide sports training to over 11,000 people with an intellectual disability throughout Ireland.


Claire Clifford has just contacted the school with this update on the coin collection!

"We now have the full breakdown list of what was raised all over the country and most schools who took part are getting back amounts of between €20 and €60 so St Lukes did exceptionally well in raising over €100 for the school plus the donation to Special Olympics. Thanks so much for the support.

Easter Camp Saint Lukes's 2013
(18) Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Easter Camp at St. Luke's March 2013


We are running an Easter camp here in S t . Luke's this year! The course will run for one week from Monday March 25th to Friday March 29th. It will be from 9am to 1pm each day. The camp is available to children from 2nd to 6th class groups.


The camp will include sports such as football ,tag rugby, basketball, soccer, badminton, cricket,athletics ,orienteering and a range of different games.

The cost is €50 per child, which includes insurance. Places are limited and will be allocated on afirst come, first served basis.


Please contact Mr. O'Connor or Mr. Lynch for Application forms or further information


A note of thanks !
(15) Friday, February 15, 2013

Many thanks to the children, parents, teachers & staff of Saint Luke's National School who made this year's Christmas Concerts so special. We had a stage & lighting for the first time ever! Many thanks to the Parents Association,particularly Nicole, for putting the backdrop for the stage together.


Liam Neary

(Deputy Principal)

Operation Transformation Saint Lukes
(14) Tuesday, February 05, 2013

RTE's Operation Transformation came to our school and shot a video of one of our fourth classes stepping up to a new routine. They will be on TV tomorrow night at 8-30 pm.  Many thanks to Ms Orla Connolly, her fourth class and teachers who supported the ventutre

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