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Update from Department of Education 27th October
(456) Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dear Parents 

Please see this link to the latest update on St. Luke's building from the Department of Education.

Many thanks 

Vivienne Bourke 

Update from Department of Education 26th October
(455) Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dear Parents 

Please see this link to the latest update on St. Luke's building from the Department of Education. 

Many thanks 

Vivienne Bourke 

Update Friday 26th October 2018
(454) Friday, October 26, 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Over the course of yesterday and into today we have been in regular discussion with the Department of Education and their Consultants regarding the options for an interim accommodation solution for St. Luke’s NS. As I'm sure you can appreciate, this is a fast-moving situation but we want to keep you as informed as we can, as things progress.


We are all in agreement that the preferred solution would involve staying on-site in alternative accommodation, keeping our pupils, teachers, staff and community together as much as possible. Investigations on establishing whether this is a viable option will be carried out over the next few days as well as establishing other possibilities as a contingency.


We will endeavour to keep you updated as things develop and in the meantime, please find below a statement received from the Department last night.


Kind regards


Vivienne Bourke
Principal St. Luke’s NS

Thursday October 25th 2018

Update on WBS Building Issues

The Department of Education and Skills has today been in contact with all schools constructed by Western Building Systems, and which are due to undergo a structural assessment, to confirm the arrangements for that assessment. The assessments are proceeding over the weekend and mid-term break in order to minimise disruption to schools and ensure that they can be completed as quickly as possible.

The Department’s interim accommodation team has been working intensively over the course of today, in consultation with the school principals, to secure an interim accommodation solution for Tyrrelstown Educate Together National School and St Luke’s National School.

Minister McHugh added, “Good progress has been made today in ensuring that the students and staff of the affected schools in Tyrrelstown will have an interim accommodation solution by the end of the mid-term break. While we await the outcome of further structural assessments, we would wish to be clear that school buildings will only be closed where it is deemed necessary to do so, and every effort will be made to minimise disruption to students, staff and families.”

Site visits at Ardgillan Community College and the schools in Tyrrelstown also took place today, involving Department of Education and Skills officials, structural engineers and representatives of Western Building Systems. This provided Western Building Systems with the opportunity to view the structural issues identified at the three schools. The Department is awaiting a response from Western Building Systems.

The overriding priority of the Department remains the health and safety of the school pupils and staff. 


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar visits St. Luke's NS 25th October 2018
(453) Thursday, October 25, 2018

25th October 2018


Dear Parents / Guardians,


As you may know, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Minister for Education, Joe McHugh, visited St. Luke’s NS, Tyrrelstown Educate Together NS and the Tyrrelstown Community Centre earlier this morning.


Following a brief observation of the external buildings, the Taoiseach and Minister met with both Principals and the Manager of the Community Centre, among others, to discuss the impact the recent closure has had on the local community.


Having raised a variety of concerns that directly impact the children, parents and community in general, we have received assurances and a commitment from the Taoiseach and the Department of Education in finding a suitable solution that would allow children to return to education as soon as reasonably possible. We have also been informed that the Department of Education are assessing a range of viable options for both schools and will inform of us of these in the coming days.


We are committed to keeping our school community informed of any developments as they occur and will update you as soon as we have any tangible information from the Department of Education. Please check our school website for regular updates on this situation.


Kind regards

Vivienne Bourke

Principal St. Luke’s NS

School Closure from 23/10/18
(452) Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Statement from the Department of Education and Skills

Tyrrelstown Educate Together School and St Luke's, National School, Tyrrelstown were assessed today as part of a programme of structural checks being undertaken on schools built by Western Building Systems.

Following advice from a consultant structural engineer and in consultation with the school authorities a decision was taken to close both schools with immediate effect.

The Department is working closely with the school authorities in relation to interim accommodation solutions for the over 1,200 affected pupils.  The target is to have interim accommodation solutions in place for when pupils return to school after the mid-term break next week.

At all times the key priority of the Minister and the Department is the safety of pupils and staff.

The investigations at Tyrrelstown today, while not identifying any imminent danger, suggest that those two schools should close as a precautionary measure to allow for further detailed investigations at both schools.

Further examinations of other schools built by Western Building Systems are ongoing.

At all times, the Department remains in close contact with principals and the management of schools being inspected in order to keep them up to date with developments.

Note: Tyrrelestown Educate Together school is a 24 classroom primary school built by Western Building Systems in 2011. St Luke’s National School, Tyrrelstown is a 24-classroom primary school built by Western Building Systems in 2012.

Annual Mass for Feast Day of Saint Luke
(451) Thursday, October 18, 2018

Please see link to pictures taken at the school mass celebrated by Msgr Eoin Thynne.


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School is open
(450) Friday, October 12, 2018

The school will open today Friday 12/10/2018 as per normal at 0900. 


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Storm Callum advisory
(449) Thursday, October 11, 2018

The school shall be open as usual tomorrow Friday 12/10/2018 as it stands. If the situation changes, parents will be advised by text and on the school website.


Please also visit  for more information.


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Communion & Confirmation Dates confirmed
(448) Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dear parents,


We are delighted to confirm that Mass for our First Holy Communion children will be celebrated on Saturday 18th of May 2019 at 1100 in our church Saint Luke The Evangelist, Mulhuddart.


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We can also confirm that Mass for our children being Confirmed will be celebrated

on Thursday  16th of May 2019 at 1100 in our church Saint Luke The Evangelist, Mulhuddart.



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Boxing, by Martin in Sixth Class
(447) Thursday, October 4, 2018

Boxing 4/10/2018.

Boxing was a great experience for me and many more others. Self-defence is the main aim of boxing in my experience but mainly a competitive sport. Boxing is a type of discipline. What you would learn at first are the basics. The basics are right jab left jab hook and uppercut. When in the professional side of boxing you would use combinations like 1,2,1 and 1,2,2,1.You learn how to block. There are many types of boxing such as kickboxing, MMA, UFC, self-defence and competitive boxing. And if wanting to join it is recommended by my experience I have had.


by Martin 

Screen Time awareness
(446) Monday, October 1, 2018

Dear Parents,


Today our children are spending extraordinary amounts of time in front of a screen. We are seeing the effects of this in the school. Please visit the link below to see advice on the issue. 


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Registration for Confirmation
(445) Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Thursday October 18th 7:30pm: Registration for Confirmation and information evening for Parents. All of the local schools parents will attend. Venue: St Luke the Evangelist



Thursday 8th @19:30: Commitment Ceremony Confirmation for Parents and Children. Venue: St Luke the Evangelist Church.



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Registration for First Holy Communion
(444) Wednesday, September 26, 2018

October 2018-Thursday 4th   @ 9:10am: Registration for Holy Communion and information morning for Parents.  Venue: St. Luke’s School Hall.




Thursday 29th @19:30: Enrolment Mass Holy Communion for Parents and Children. Children will sing songs that they know for their Holy Communion.

Venue: St Luke the Evangelist Church.


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Mass to celebrate Feast of Saint Luke
(443) Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Thursday October 18th 11am: School Mass to celebrate the Feast of St Luke in the school hall. Everyone is welcome 

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Autism awareness afternoon
(441) Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Thursday 20th Of September

Venue : Carlton Hotel Tyrellstown


1pm- Geraldine Kenny ( Geraldine will talk about her own personal journey having a son diagnosed with Autism, what led her to setting up her club little Seeds and PLAN.)


4pm – 5pm Kerri O’ Neill : Specialist in cutting hair on Children with Autism.


5pm-6.30pm  - Nadine Dillion Occupational Therapist. Presentation on Sensory processing Disorder.


6.30pm-8.00-pm –  Kevin Prior Occupational Therapist . Slideshow presentation on fine and gross motor skills.

School Closure for Presidential Election Friday 26/10/2018
(440) Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Dublin County Returning Officer has today officially requested the closure of our school on Friday October 26th.

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The school will be closed on Friday 26/10/2018

Wellbeing Week Saint Luke's NS
(439) Friday, September 14, 2018

The staff & children in Saint Luke's NS put a lot of work into Wellbeing Week . Please see link to some fun had in the school !


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Leadership in an Intercultural Community
(437) Friday, August 31, 2018

Dear Parents,


Please see link below to "Leadership in an Intercultural Community" training course.




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Car Park Safety Saint Luke's NS
(436) Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dear Parents,


A child was nearly knocked down in the school car park today. The child left the footpath and cycled his tricycle on the road in the school car park..  A car reversed and almost knocked him down. Please talk to your child.The children and adults should walk on the footpaths only.


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Internet safety issues parental advice
(435) Thursday, August 30, 2018

The internet is becoming a bigger part of our children’s lives; it is important that we get involved with what they are doing online. This means not just talking to our children about what they do online but also listening. It is important that we talk openly and regularly about our concerns and agree boundaries around internet use in our homes. While the internet undoubtedly presents fantastic opportunities for children, it is equally clear that there are valid concerns about children spending too much time online, accessing inappropriate content, and communicating with people with intent to harm or exploit them. As parents anatural desire is to keep the children safe. The best online safety strategy, regardless of age, is to talk with your child and to engage with them about what they are doing and who they are doing it with.


Please see link below to further advice on how to keep our children safe.




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