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Meet & Greet Timetable October 2014
(203) Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dear Parents,


Please see below timetable for our Annual "Meet & Greet"class/parent Meetings!


Please bring your child's PPS number & an email address to which the school can send important mail to parents.



Parent Information Meetings 2014

Date  & Time


6th   October @ 2.10p.m.

Mr Lynch

6th  October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Connolly

7th  October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Smith

7th  October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Kilcommins

8th  October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Mc Taggart

8th   October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Mc Donagh

9th  October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Brennan

9th October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Mc Namara

10th October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Mc Nally

10th October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Mc Gearty

13th October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Ní Lorcáin

13th October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Gaffney

13th October @ 1.10p.m.

Ms Whitney

13th October @ 1.10p.m.

Ms Middleton

14th October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Cullinan

14th October @ 2.10p.m.

Ms Butler

15th October @ 1.10p.m.

Ms Hardiman

15th October @ 1.10p.m.

Ms Geraghty

16th October @ 1.10p.m.

Ms Brown

16th October @ 1.10p.m.

Ms Burke


Ms Hardiman's Class Blog !
(202) Friday, September 26, 2014

Please see link below to Ms Hardiman's class blog !

Blue Friday !
(201) Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Dublin Ladies will play Cork in the All Ireland Senior football final on Sunday 28th September at 4pm in Croke Park.  To mark their success in reaching the final we will be celebrating ‘Blue Friday’ this Friday 26th September.  The children are invited to wear Dublin jerseys or blue and navy clothes to school instead of their uniform and bring a €2 donation towards GAA equipment for the school.


Thank you for your support.

Lorraine Brennan

Credit Union Scheme for the children
(200) Friday, September 19, 2014

Many Thanks to Ann Rice for co-ordinating the scheme below.





Dear Parent / Guardian


St. Luke’s N.S. has developed a School Saving Scheme within our school. We believe saving is a great habit to encourage in the pupils from an early age.

Community Credit Union will be operating the School Saving Scheme on our behalf. Each pupil who opens an account will receive a free gift and the Credit Union will also lodge the first 5 Euro into a Share account in the name of the child.

If you missed our sign up day, you can still join the scheme at the Community Credit Union office in The Blanchardstown Centre. Bring along the Completed Application From (included in pack) along with the following Documents and inform the credit union that you want to join  the St. Luke’s N.S. School Saving Scheme.

  • Identification:                   e.g. pupils Passport or Birth Cert.
  • Verification of address:                e.g. Utility Bill or Bank Statement etc
  • Verification of PPS number:       European Health Insurance Card or Medical Card etc

(See pack for further information)

Credit Union Staff will be at the school every Wednesday during the school term to collect money from pupils who have joined St. Luke’s N.S. School Saving Scheme.

Some Information !
(199) Friday, September 19, 2014

Scoil Naomh Lucais


16th September 2014.


Dear Parents/Guardians,


As the days pass by I am sure that you are all beginning to settle back into the new school year – it is a hectic time for all.


I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all back to school and to wish all our pupils, parents , teachers and staff members a very successful new year. A very special Céad Míle Failte is extended to all our new pupils and new teachers who have started with us for the academic year 2014 – 2015.


The school continues to grow. This year there are two 6th classes in the school for the first time.


“ Meet and Greet” opportunities will start the week commencing the 29th September. These meetings are a chance for teachers and parents to become acquainted and to gain valuable insight for the coming school year. A further letter will follow indicating the date, time and venue for your own child’s “Meet and Greet”. I look forward to meeting you on the day.


Please make arrangements with the class teacher for the following payments:

  1. Class materials
  2. Pupil Insurance


The payment for class materials is fundamental to the effective management of the class. I would request that all payments are made by the 30th September 2014.


The Pupil Insurance Scheme is invaluable. Children are covered by the insurance scheme once the payment has been made. There is no cover until the premium has been paid. Please arrange payment promptly.


The CreditUnionhave commenced a savings initiative for the children in the school. Teaching children to save and be prudent with money is a worthwhile life skill. Please encourage your children to be involved n the savings scheme.


The school website is a valuable source of updated information – please check in regularly with the site.


The secretary is generally available, in the school office, from 9.00p.m. – 2.40p.m. with the exception of 9.00a.m. – 9.30a.m.


There are a few initial thoughts, overleaf, that I would like to share with you , to assist in the efficient running of the school - please read these very carefully in the best interest of your child’s education


Is Mise



Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh




Assembly & Dismissal

  • Assembly Time – School starting time is 9.00a.m.
  • Dismissal Time – School closure time is 1.40p.m. for Infants and 2.40p.m. for all other classes.
  • School starts at 9.00a.m. and children are requested to be in line by 8.55a.m
  • School gates open at 8.45a.m.– no entry to school premises before 8.45a.m.
  • Senior Classes assemble in and are dismissed from the main yard.
  • Once pupils enter the school yard to start the day they must not leave without the permission of a teacher.
  • Junior Infants assemble in the front yard and are dismissed from the main yard
  • Please collect children promptly at dismissal times.
  • Continuous late collection , after dismissal, may be a child welfare issue

Car Park & Safety in the Car Park

  • Only cars with disability stickers, staff cars, cars with children from the autistic unit & official state vehicles are allowed access to the front yard at assembly and dismissal times
  • Please follow the road traffic regulations in the surrounding road areas.
  • Please use footpaths only when walking with children to school – stay off the roads when walking.
  • If you use a bicycle please lock it  when unattended in the bike rack.
  • Please encourage children to follow the rules of the road when cycling

School Journal , Communication & Class Items.

  • Please ensure that children have all their books and necessary items with them.
  • Please ensure that school bags contain only school items – no toys or dangerous items etc.
  • Please provide the children with a nutritious lunch as per the healthy eating policy – no fizzy drinks, no sweets, etc
  • Each child from 1st Class – 6th Class has a school issued journal.
  • Parents please sign the journal daily.
  • Please communicate with the class teacher through the journal.
  • Please provide a written note, in the journal for non attendance or late attendance.
  • PupilsMobilePhones Protocol – “If it’s out it’s on, if it’s on it’s confiscated”.
  • Pupils must hand their mobiles up to teacher, switched off, on arrival.
  • Phones confiscated , due to a breach of the Mobile Phone Protocol, must be collected by the child’s parent,
  • Please engage the teachers only for a short period at assembly or dismissal.
  • Meetings, for more detailed discussions, with teachers can be arranged through the secretary.
  • Please ensure that your child wears the school uniform or tracksuit as required.

School Yard

  • During  pupil’s breaks in the yard @ 10.50a.m. & 12.30p.m. access to and egress from the yard is limited to emergencies – please ring school @ 01 8856015 for access in an emergency.
  • Dogs ( except for guide dogs), bicycles etc cause a hazard in the yard and are not allowed
  • The school is a no smoking and drug free zone.

Payments to School

  • Please ensure prompt payment of monies to school.
  • Please enclose the money in an envelope with the child’s name, class teacher’s name, amount of money and indicate what payment is for.
  • Any other issue regarding payment ought to be directed to the class teacher.

Calendar Update 2014-2015
(198) Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dera Parents,


The school calendar has been updated on the school website!

Allergy Advices
(197) Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dear Parents,


For Health & Safety  reasons, children are asked not to bring peanuts or nuts to school in future. Please try to be careful of any products that may contain nut traces etc. as we have a number of children in the school who can experience a severe reaction to peanuts or nuts. Accordingly, birthday parties in school are not allowed in future. Please ask your child not to share their food with other children.




Liam Neary

Deputy Principal.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Holidays
(196) Sunday, June 29, 2014

The school will close at 1130 Monday 30th of June 2014 for the Summer Holidays. 

End of School Year Letter from Mr. Kavanagh
(195) Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scoil Naomh Lucáis.


Tel: 01 8856015


26th June 2014.


Dear Parent,


As we approach the end of the school year I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support during the year with your child’s education. Successful education involves a partnership between all the parties in a child’s education.


The New School Building has been open for two years. The dream has become a reality and the school continues to grow year on year – with two new classes forecast for this year.


I wish to take the opportunity to thank the Teachers, the Ancillary Staff, the Board of Management, our Parish Priest and the Parents’ Association for the wonderful commitment and dedication that they have made to your children.


Education is an ongoing and lifelong process. During the Summer I would encourage you to support your child’s interest in learning. Oracy and Literacy, a major facet of our School Improvement Plan, are especially important in the development of a child’s potential. I would encourage every parent, to support their children in developing oral language, and every child to read for leisure and pleasure during the summer.


The school uniform is available. Pre-ordered uniforms will be delivered on Monday 25th August – distribution commencing at 9.30a.m. and finishes at 11.30a.m. Each child is expected to wear the uniform to school daily – except days when the tracksuit is required. All arrangements for the School Uniform are to be made with the supplier on the day – Telephone (01) 292 1540. The School Secretary is not involved in the supply of the School Uniform.


Fr Seamus Connell, Parish Priest at St Luke the Evangelist Church in Mulhuddart, welcomes all the children and their families to Mass every Sunday in July and August at either 10.30a.m. or 12.00noon. It’s a great opportunity for the worshipping community to gather together.


School recommencement dates are available on reverse.


The school office will close on Monday 30th June @ 12.00p.m. and will re-open, after the summer holiday, on Monday 25thof August. The office is open from 9.00a.m. –  2.00p.m. for any urgent question you may have on Monday 25th  August. Further detail about the school can be accessed on the school website at


I would encourage each parent to subscribe to the Pupils Insurance Scheme - application forms will be issued in September 2014.


I look forward to seeing your child in the new school year and commencing a fruitful new year at St Luke’s National School. I wish you and your family a peaceful enjoyable and happy summer holiday.


Is Mise le Meas,



Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh


Uniform Fitting & Sale Date
(194) Friday, June 20, 2014

The next Uniform Fitting & Sale Date is


Monday 23rd of June 2014 @ 1-30 pm and at 3-30 pm in the school Sports Hall (gym).

6th Class Graduation Mass
(193) Friday, June 20, 2014

The Graduation Mass for Sixth Class will take place in St Luke The Evangelist Church on Wednesday 25th of June 2014 commencing at 11 am. All parents & guardians are welcome.


The children will be free to return home with their parents after the celebration.

Choir , a thank you !
(192) Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The children who supported the Confirmation candidates at Confirmation are being brought on a picnic tomorrow afternoon in the park beside the school at 1 pm as a thank you from the school. Please make sure they are wearing sunblock and that they bring a bottle of water to school tomorrow.



Extra-Curricular Activities SLNS 2014
(191) Monday, June 16, 2014

Extra-Curricular Activities in Saint Luke’s National School 2013-2014


We would like to thank teachers involved in putting on extra activities & classes for the children this academic year. They include:


Basketball:  Dublin Mini-basketball tournament 5th class boys & girls , both teams came second.


Ms Orla Connolly, Ms Siobhan Geraghty, Ms Orla Bourke, Bean Ni Lorcain, Ms Sarah McGearty,


Athletics: Morton Stadium Santry -Senior classes


Ms Siobhan Geraghty, Mr. Sean McKeowan, Ms Sarah Hardiman, Ms Orla Connolly.


GAA Football: The Senior girls won the Dublin 15 League. The boys did very well.


Mr.Conor Lynch, Mr. Kris O’Connor, Ms.Lorraine -Brennan.


Soccer: Mr Kris O’Connor, Mr Conor Lynch,


Glee Club: (Singing & Dancing) Children attended an event in the National Concert Hall.


Ms Sarah Middleton.


Dance Club:


Ms Nicola McDonnagh.


French Classes:


Ms Elizabeth Ann Kirwan


Many thanks to the extra work put in by the teachers above as we strive to provide new opportunities for our children.

Road Safety
(190) Friday, June 13, 2014

Dear Parents,


Please see link below and use it to explain the safety rules of the road to your child, particularly going to & coming from school.





Mr Neary

Credit Union Visit to School
(189) Friday, June 13, 2014

Scoil Naomh Lucáis



Credit Union Visit to School



12th June 2014


Dear Parents,


Introducing children to money and the value of money is a very important aspect of the education of children.


Curricular areas such as Maths, S.P.H.E etc assist children to become aware of the concept of money.


Children need to learn to save money. Saving is a habit – a worthwhile habit for the children to develop.


On Friday 13th June the Local Credit Union will be visiting the school to talk to the children, from Senior Infants to Fifth Class, about saving their money and the benefits accruing from saving.


In September 2014 the Credit Union will call to the school and establish a saving scheme. Families are welcome to become involved in the scheme.


Participation in the scheme is voluntary and the relationship will be between the Credit Union and the family.


Is Mise,



Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh


School Uniforms 2014/2015
(188) Monday, June 9, 2014


St Luke’s National School Uniform Pricelist 2014

School Jumper (CRESTED)                                                    School Cardigan (CRESTED)

Size 4/5yr – 12/13yr                        €24.00                                   Size 4/5yr – 12/13yr                        €24.00  

Tracksuit Top (CRESTED)                                         Tracksuit Bottom

Size 4/5yr – 12/13yr                        €15.00                                   Size 4/5yr – 12/13yr        €13.00


The following arrangements have been made for the sale and distribution of school uniform.

All arrangements have been made in consultation with the school management and parents association.


Junior Infants – 2014/15 – MONDAY 16th of June 2014 - 1.30pm – 3.30pm


Orders will be taken between 1.30pm & 3.30pm on Monday June 16th 2014

All orders must be paid for in full

These orders will be available for collection in the school on Monday August 25th between 9.30am & 11.30am.


Senior Infants - 6th Class 2014/15 –  MONDAY 23rd of June 2014 - 1.30pm – 3.30pm


Orders will be taken between 1.30pm & 3.30pm on Monday June 23rd  2014

All orders must be paid for in full

These orders will be available for collection in the school on Monday August 25th between 9.30am & 11.30pm.


Uniform will also be available to purchase on the following dates and times:

Monday August 25thth 2014 between 9.30am & 11.30am

Monday September 8th 2014 between 1.30pm & 3.30pm




School Holidays June 2014
(187) Thursday, May 29, 2014

School Holidays June 2014



Please be advised that the school will close on Friday 30/5/2014 at normal times & reopen on Monday 9th of June at 0900. 


Easter Raffle
(186) Thursday, May 8, 2014

We would like to thank all of the children, parents and staff who supported our Easter raffle.

We collected €310  from ticket sales which will now be spent on yard equipment and resources for the children.

Photographs of the prize winners are on display at the front door.


A special word  of thanks to Ms Browne who organised the event.

(185) Friday, May 2, 2014

Green School Committee


StLuke'sNSare trying to get their first green school flag. This means we are trying to reduce the amount of waste and litter in our school. We have started to bring in lunchboxes, instead of wrapping our lunches. Each class has a scrap box so we can use paper again until both sides are used. Every child in the school has to bring their own rubbish home and recycle them at home. This helps our school become a cleaner place.

The Green school committee meet once every 3-4weeks. We decided our green schools slogan would be 'Don't Litter, Make the World Glitter'. We made posters with this slogan and displayed them all around the school. Everybody is trying so hard to make St Luke's a beautiful and tidy place.


We have 2 representatives for each class. You can spot our green school reps as they are the children wearing badges with 'Green Team,StLuke'sNS' on them. Our green school representatives decided they wanted to know more about recycling so Ms Smith and Ms Browne brought them on a day trip to Coolmine Recycle Centre. While we were there we learned all about how to recycle lots of different things including tv's, furniture, metal objects and wood. It was so much fun to see all the items ready to be recycled, check out our pictures!


That's all the news from the Green School Committee. Keep Tyrrelstown tidy and remember 'Don't Litter, Make the World Glitter'.


Green School Committee

School re-opens on Monday 28thApril 2014 @ 9.00a.m.
(184) Wednesday, April 23, 2014

School re-opens on Monday 28thApril 2014 @ 9.00a.m.

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