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(178) Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Holy Thursday Mass:            7.30pm Mass with Bishop Ray Field

17th April                                           


Good Friday:                            2.30pm Stations of the Cross (outside weather

18th April                                permitting otherwise in Church) followed by the Passion.


Easter Saturday:                    Confessions in Church 12.30pm-1.30pm.

19th April                                Mass 9.00pm


Easter Sunday:                       10.00am Mass in Church,11.00am Mass St. Luke’s   

20th April                                NS Tyrrelstown, 12noon Mass in Church.

General Information Letter
(177) Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scoil Naomh Lucáis



8th April 2014


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Another term is drawing to a close and Easter is upon us. The children are truly excited and looking forward to the celebration of Easter and all it entails.


To celebrate Easter, Fr Seamus Connell invites you and your family to join him at the Easter Ceremonies, in St Luke theEvangelistChurch, during Holy Week. The dates and times of the ceremonies are identified on a separate flyer.


The Solemn Celebration of the Lord’s Passion begins with the outdoor stations of the cross on Good Friday 18th April. It would be wonderful for the parish community to support this new approach to the celebration.


On Easter Sunday, 19th April, Mass will be celebrated @ 11.00a.m. in St Luke’sNationalSchool. All are welcome.


I would like to thank all our families for their support over the second term of the school year.


The high percentage attendance of parents at the Parent /Teacher meetings set a solid foundation for the continuation of a successful school year.


Please review the school website – it is regularly revamped. A Noticeboard is available on the new school website, outlining upcoming events – photographs and videos recount the progress that is taking place on a day to day basis in the new school.


Confirmation & First Holy Communion take place after Easter. Once again the teachers are working wonders in their preparation of the children.


However, it is your day to day support of the teaching staff that ensures a strong partnership in education and assists in providing the children with a meaningful and worth while educational experience.


I am grateful to the Parents’ Association who have dedicated themselves to the school in so many ways throughout the second term.


Please recall those who are more needy than ourselves and give generously to the Trócaire Lenten Campaign. The Trócaire boxes are to be returned after the Easter Holidays.


School re-opens on Monday 28thApril 2014 @ 9.00a.m.


Casca Shona agus Beannachtaí na Féile oraibh go léir


Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh




World Health Day
(176) Friday, April 4, 2014

Dear Parents,


7th of April is World Health Day !


Please see link :

World Autism Day
(175) Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Today is World Autism Day.


Please see

Children & Play
(174) Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Parent,


We find that children are becoming more sedate in their play time with more & more recreational time being given to screen based entretainment as opposed to physicallly based activities.


Please see,-Steady,-Bring-Back-Play!.aspx 


Liam Neary

Deputy Principal


Punctuality & Attendance
(173) Monday, March 31, 2014


Saint Luke’s National School


Punctuality and Attendance Update


31st  March 2014


Dear Parents,


I wrote to you concerning Punctuality and Attendance on the 21st of March 2014. I wish to inform you that there has been an improvement in terms of punctuality at Assembly time. Thank you for making the effort to be regularly punctual.


I am delighted to see this improvement in Morning Assembly. It is important now that we continue with our efforts. Please make sure that children are collected promptly at Afternoon Dismissal time.


Starting on Monday 7th April, a late note will be issued to any child in Infant classes, and a late stamp will be placed in the school journal of any child from 2nd – 6th, who  arrives in school after 9.05a.m. or departing the school 15 minutes after dismissal.


It is our hope that, by making parents aware of a late arrival for morning Assembly or late departure from evening Dismissal, that there will be a continued improvement in punctuality.


I will communicate with you again with regard to Punctuality and Attendance after the school has monitored and assessed the situation over a period of time


Is Mise Le Meas,



Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh









Please be in your line in time for a 9.00a.m. Morning Assembly



Junior Infants, Seniors Infants Afternoon Dismissal @ 1.40p.m.


First Class – Sixth Class Afternoon Dismissal @ 2.40p.m


(172) Monday, March 31, 2014

Dear Parent,


We need to be constantly watching out for bullying in the school, in the workplace, in the home. Please see below the link to advice on the matter.






Liam Neary

Deputy Principal

Mothers Day !
(171) Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mother's Day (March 30)
This is the day that we celebrate mothers and motherhood. The day is different in many countries throughout the world. Take a look at our link to see just where and when it is selebrated. In the classroom: Try making Mother's Day cards or writing a piece of poetryabout why you love your mother.

New Playground Design
(170) Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A presentation was made yesterday to Ruairi O'Dualing, from Fingal County Council, of a research and design project produced in collaboration with children from  Tyrrelstown Educate Together National School & Saint Lukes National School. Models and plans were presented by the children on their ideas for the new playground to be built in the park beside the school. I would like to acknowledge the invaluable input from Emma O'Malley , of TETNS , Robert & Anna, (architects) , and the children who loved the input into the design. 

Please see pictures from the presentation at



Liam Neary

Deputy Principal

Mother's Day !
(169) Monday, March 24, 2014

Mother's Day (March 30) This is the day that we celebrate mothers and motherhood. The day is different in many countries throughout the world. Take a look at our link to see just where and when it is selebrated. In the classroom: Try making Mother's Day cards or writing a piece of poetry about why you love your mother.

Earth Hour
(168) Monday, March 24, 2014

Earth Hour (March 29) This is a world-wide campaign aimed at saving energy and to show what can be done through what is known as 'collective action', i.e. everyone acting about something together. In the classroom (or at home): Turn off some lights or find some other way to save energy for one hour between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

Punctuality and Attendance
(167) Friday, March 21, 2014


Saint Luke’s National School


Punctuality and Attendance


21st  March 2014


Dear Parents,


Research has established that Punctuality and Attendance are indicative of future performance in school and educational achievement. Pupils who go to school regularly and who are on time are most likely to perform well in school.


Anecdotal evidence indicated that there is an opportunity to improve the attendance and punctuality of children in our school. The school is in the process of preparing a policy on Punctuality and Attendance. If you have any thoughts on this policy please forward them to me in the school by Friday 28th March 2014.


The school records non attendance, late arrivals at school and late departures from school.


Starting on Tuesday 25th March a late note will be issued to all children arriving in school after 9.10a.m. or departing the school 15 minutes after dismissal.


It is our hope that, by making parents aware of the later arrival or late departure, that there will be an improvement in punctuality.


I will communicate with you again with regard to Punctuality and Attendance after the school has monitored and assessed the situation over a period of time


Is Mise Le Meas,



Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh





Please be in you line in time for a 9.00a.m. assembly


Junior Infants, Seniors Infants Dismissal @ 1.40p.m.


First Class – Sixth Class Dismissal @ 2.40p.m


Reminder of Dates !
(166) Friday, March 21, 2014


Saint Luke’s National School


21st March 2014





Mass in St Luke’s School every Sunday during Lent @ 11.00a.m. All welcome


Liberty Clothes Recycling

Please return the Green Bags, filled with clothes, by Friday 28th March


Board of Management

Please return written expression of interest for Fathers Panel on the Board of Management by Monday 24th March to Principal


Trócaire Boxes

Please remember those in need by donating to your Trócaire Boxes – please return the Box by Friday 2nd May 2014  

Pictures- Saint Patrick's Day 2014 in Saint Luke's
(165) Thursday, March 20, 2014

Please see link to pictures taken in the school 13/3/2014 !


Please also see


Liam Neary

St Luke's NS win GAA Final, AGAIN !
(164) Thursday, March 20, 2014

Congratulations to our girls GAA team for winning the Dublin 15 league final yesterday. St Luke's won the trophy for the second successive year after a dramatic extra-time victory over Tyrrelstown ET. We are very proud of our girls for all their hard work and team ethic showed this year. Hopefully we have a future GAA star in our mist.


Mant thanks to Ms. Brennan, Mr Lynch & Mr. O'Connor for their dedication to the cause outside of school hours as well as in school.


Please see link below to view photos! 


Mr. Neary


Trocaire Fundraiser
(163) Friday, March 14, 2014



Allanah, Sarah and Lara in Ms Brennan’s 3rd Class came up with an idea to raise money for Trócaire.  They researched ideas on the internet and decided to hold an Art Competition in our school.  They asked children in 1st to 6th class to participate in the competition. Each entry costed €1. Each child had to draw and colour an animal and return their entry to the girls by Tuesday 11th March to be judged. Ms Collins helped the girls to judge the winners in each class. Each winner received a special goody bag of sweets which the girls prepared themselves. They also gave several runners up prizes of marshmallows and a lovely pencil or pen.  It was a very successful fundraiser. The girls raised a total of €91.11 for Trócaire.


There was one overall winner chosen in each class group and additional runner up prizes. The winners in each class were as follows:

1st Class –        Ms Gaffney – Nathan B. (1st Place) and Julia

                        Ms Cullinan – Isabella

                        Ms MacNally – Sarah

2nd Class –       Ms McDonagh – Chinedum

                        Ms McTaggart – Natalia (1st Place), Iramhay and Sacha

3rd Class –        Ms Brennan – Filip and Ivana

                        Ms Burke – Natalia (1st Place)

4th Class –        Ms McGearty – Sophie

                        Ms Smith – Ragulan (1st Place), Niall, Rommy

5th Class –        Mr O’Connor – Niamh (1st Place) and Erinn

                        Ms Kirwan – Wyanika and Daniella

6th Class –        Mr Lynch – David (1st Place), Nikola and Shivaun

Seachtaine na Gaeilge
(162) Thursday, March 6, 2014

Scoil Naomh N.S.


Seachtaine na Gaeilge


Thursday 13th March


9.00a.m. Parade

By all classes in the yard

(weather permitting – announced on the morning)


1.15p.m. Ceilí

Junior, Senior Infants & First class

(Parents invited)


2.00p.m. Ceilí

Second Class – Sixth Class

( Parents Invited)


Beidh Paráid timpeall na scoile

Beidh Ceilí Mór Againn

Shrove Tuesday
(161) Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Tuesday and Fat Tuesday, referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends at Easter and is a major part of the Christian calendar.

Lenten Masses in Saint Luke's National School
(160) Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You are invited to be strengthened by the Word of God & to receive Him in Holy Communion at Eucharist next Sunday ( March 9th). & all of the Sundays of Lent at 11 am in the Staffroom in Saint Luke's National School.


All pupils & parents involved in the Sacraments of First Holy Communion & Confirmation are more particularly invited to attend.


Thanking You,


Seamus Connell (Administrator) 

Lent 2014
(159) Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Scoil Naomh Lucáis



Lent 2014




“ Blessed are the poor in spirit- the kingdom of Heaven is theirs”

Matthew 5:3


The season of Lent commences on Ash Wednesday 5th of March.


Fr Seamus Connell will visit the school on Ash Wednesday to mark the commencement of the Lenten season. He will distribute “Ashes” to the children from second to sixth class.


Trócaire boxes have been given to each child in the school.  Money raised will go towards the Trocaire project inMalawiwhich is attempting to combat disease –by providing water to people who survive on a $1 a day!


The following websites have useful resources:

  1. contains the following:
  • Schools Resources
  • The Popes Lenten Message
  • Lenten parish resources


A Lenten sacred space will be created in the front hall beside the secretary’s office-perhaps a similar area could be created in each home for the duration of the season.


Is Mise Le Meas



Mairtín Ó Caomhánaigh


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